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Sista nytt





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to my old blog. Here you can have a look at all my old blogposts, and there are litteraly hundreds of them. But if you want the NEW STUFF you have to go to my new blog CYCLE GLADIATOR


Hysh! Shut up when the man is talking.

Get a Life

nature vs culture

metal eatin´ tree


nice design from italy

carnivourus plant

Found this carnivourus plant on the island too. Brought a couple of them home with me. Thought I´d try and cultivate them at home, but maybe it´s just wishful thinking. The plant is called Tätört in swedish, I think it´s called Butterwort in english. You can use the leaves to make curdled (filmjölk in swedish).

a couple of pics from the island

an old J.A.P. engine… beyond repair as far as I can judge

and the top, with a zenith carb…

a fetish stone

free standing stairs

free standing stairs with man, beyond repair as far as I can judge