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Sista nytt





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to my old blog. Here you can have a look at all my old blogposts, and there are litteraly hundreds of them. But if you want the NEW STUFF you have to go to my new blog CYCLE GLADIATOR


Hysh! Shut up when the man is talking.

Moving On

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog for the last two years or so!

This blog is too hard to work with, so I´m moving on. Hope you will follow me over to the new blog Cycle Gladiator , but it may take a couple of days before I get it going

You can also visit my dream blog: nattduksbord / nightstand


Dokken… wasn´t that a typical 1980s american heavy metal band..?

Dice #33

This nice little motorcycle magazine arrived in the mail the other day!

Go there and get it!

R.I.P. Morrie Yohai

Morrie Yohai, the inventor of Cheez Doodles died last week at 90. R.I.P.