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Nice picture!

From the exhibition “OFF Limits” by Oscar Carrasco, opening Thursday June 10th 2010 in Luis Adelantado Valencia Gallery. Read more HERE


Raw power!


Not often you see them actually driven around in this condition, at least not here in Oslo.

There´s Blood In This Car!

Eddie and the Hot Rod

Volvo P1800

Can you remember the TV-series The Saint starring Roger Moore? The car he drove in that series was actually a swedish car.

The Volvo P1800 is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful car ever to be designed. Last weekend in Sweden I was lucky enough to find, by chanse, a P1800 gathering. No mere picture can do justice to these cars, but have a look anyway. My absolute favourite is the creme colored station-wagon (ES). I really love sportscar-station-wagons. If I´m not wrongly informed, the man called Pettersson (hence the P) who did the P1800design, was really a boat-designer. I think that explains a whole lot.

Svenska Volvo P1800-Klubben

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I really love the color on this fine old Pontiac.


An extremly green RoadRunner…